How to Start

The GO application has two stages, 1) the account registration "profile" and 2) the application form for the specific grant category.

The first time you enter GO, you will "sign up" to create an account. Individuals will complete a two-page account profile; organizations with an EIN will also have a second and third page. You have to complete the entire sign up process in one sitting.  Each year when you create an application, we encourage you to review your account in case it needs updates. You will find your account by clicking on the little person icon at the top right of your screen.

*Note for university and other large institutions housing smaller departments.  For the purposes of GO, we can only have one account for each applicant institution and this is based on the EIN.  Smaller units or departments that work within a larger institution will need to associate themselves with the original registion of the larger institution.  There is only one user name and password to be used by all entities sharing the EIN.  Within each individual application, organizational and financial data should be entered for the unit or department submitting the application, rather than the entire larger organization.  The payee should be entered on the Project Contact page if the payee differs from the applicant.

All specific grant application and report forms can be found under the Dashboard tab starting in early January for organizations and early September for the artist fellowship.  Additional guidelines for each grant category can be found at

For more information, please call Vicki Vitiello, Director of Operations, at (919) 807-6504.